What is a cv resume?

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Studying job offers, you, probably, often met with the following requirements: We are waiting for your resume or Detailed CV send by e-mail.

Application documents are the first contact of a person who is looking for work and an employer. Their appearance and content decide what impression you will make on the employer, which, in turn, will determine whether you are accepted for the position you need. And many are interested in what is a cv resume.

What is a cv resume?

Your CV should contain the following information:

 Personal Information:

  • first and last name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • address;
  • telephone, e-mail


– dates of commencement and completion of studies; names of schools, universities; profession, specialization.


  • indicate (in reverse chronological order) the work that you performed, for example, work on holidays, practice;
  • indicate the date, company name or position occupied (type of work performed, achievements)


– Indicate dates, names of institutions, powers received.

Extra skills:

  • foreign languages ​​(please indicate your level of knowledge)
  • computer (specify programs, programming languages)
  • knowledge in the field of office equipment maintenance (for example: printer, scanner, etc.)
  • driver’s license (specify categories).


– indicate professional and working interests – avoid common concepts (for example: literature, sports, music)

Letter of recommendation:

– if the employer requires it, write to companies that can provide it to you.

What to remember when writing a CV and what is a cv resume

  • carefully examine the proposal and its requirements – fit in your resume only the information that is significant to the employer;
  • write, dividing the information into corresponding thematic blocks;
  • remember the design and aesthetics;
  • underline the key elements of your resume;
  • it is best to place everything on one page;
  • use words that express activity (for example: control, observe, learn, process, take initiative, etc.);
  • remember about the photo and the paragraph on the protection of personal data;
  • write not only about what kind of work you did, but also about how you coped with your duties, how well you coped with your tasks. Write about your accomplishments professionally, scientifically or socially.