How to write a resume?

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So, you face a difficult task – job search. And you want to find not any job, but work in a serious western company, with good working conditions, social package and, of course, with an attractive salary. But how to achieve it?

The first step is to write a resume in English. How to write a resume? Without it, no one will consider your candidacy. A resume is an opportunity to give a first impression of yourself. After all, no one has seen you yet; therefore, this short document – a summary will speak for you and represent you. And if it does not make the proper impression, it will simply be thrown away, and you will be forgotten forever. It means that it’s necessary to take a resume seriously.

Resume Rules for how to write a resume?

1. Write a resume for a particular job.

Yes, it is clear that several work options will suit you. But the employer is not interested in the “universal soldier”, but an expert in a particular field of activity. Therefore, in the Objective (Objective) line there should be exactly one job title, and not a long comma-separated list.

Different employers send different resumes, “sharpened” for each case. After all, the requirements of employers are different! And they will select resumes that meet exactly the stated requirements. The resume is intended to describe your compliance with the requirements of the employer. And if there is no such correspondence, then there is no chance either!

2. Achieve the goal

The purpose of writing a resume is to get an invitation for an interview. Who will make this decision? Directly an employer, recruiter or HR-manager. Moreover, in the latter two cases, these are people who, as a rule, do not understand the intricacies of the work for which they are looking for a candidate. Usually these are psychologists by education, and their goal is to determine whether you are a suitable candidate or not.

3. Show product face

A resume is your advertisement. Therefore, it should represent you exclusively in a favorable light. Education (Education), Additional Education (Additional Education), solid work experience (Professional Experience) – all this should convince the employer that you are the only right candidate! The slightest doubt – and the file of your resume is deleted forever. After all, there are so many candidates, and only one is needed – the best one!

Write about your achievements as bright as possible. No time to be shy! Accomplishments are very welcome in an English-language resume for Western companies. Because they are not looking for someone who will just sit at work, but a person who is used to achieving goals and bringing real benefits to the company!